Oak Hill Winery

- Where the Proof is in the Tasting...

​​Naturally-made Wines taste Different...

So, you've learned Oak Hill makes wines naturally, what does that mean in a practical manner? 

  • Our wine will last -unopened, without a significant change in flavor, for more then one year. It needs to be stored under 75 degrees and above 35 degrees.
  • Once opened, our wine has about a ten day shelf life, depending on how much wine remains in the bottle.  More air, shorter life. And keep it refrigerated once opened for best flavor!
  • Wines made without preservatives can and often do have small deposits of "stuff" in the bottom of the bottle.  These are harmless particles which naturally precipitate out of the wine. We do sell filter-pourers which can screen this out, if desired.

sweet wines:

Swayzee - Foch

Whitewater - Vignoles

Iron Bridge - Riesling

Sweet Salamonie - Mango   -soon!

Peru Peach - Peach  -soon!

Fairmount - Niagara 

Bunker Hill - Concord

Bordermen - Cranberry -soon!

Wapecong - Blackberry

Kokomo Cider - Apple

note:  not all wines are available at all times, this list will be updated periodically. call for availability on any given day.

dry wines:

Wildcat Creek White - Vignoles

Roann - Riesling

Watertower - Seyval Blanc

Mississinewa White - Sauvignon Blanc

​Indiana apple - dry Apple

Stockdale - Blueberry coming soon

Wabash Valley Red - blend

Seven Pillars - Concord

All regular wines $14.99

10% for 3; 15% for 6; 20% for 12